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Powerful Confidence Builders

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

No matter your age, gender, socio-economic status or lifestyle your self-confidence can take a hit at anytime. Many of us feel depleted when this happens and it dictates how we interact in the world. Whether it’s a career obstacle, bad break up, business failure, health challenge or some other life issue, when your #confidence is shaken it affects your perception of self which affects our goals, aspirations and happiness depend on.

Now there is actually scientific theory to back up how confidence and self esteem is linked. In order to keep yourself strong you have to practice, yes practice, how to stay confident in-spite of the things thrown at us daily.

Below are some key things to practice:

· Introduce Yourself to Yourself

Spend time getting to know who you are - talents, likes, dislikes, passions, what makes you laugh out loud and your pet peeves. Truly get in touch with the uniqueness of you. It is truly understanding just how special you are that will be your best tool.

Tapping into that knowledge in times of crisis will help you combat crashing.

· Know Your #Triggers

Recognize people (family members or close friends), environments and other factors that bring you down. Studying these negative stimuli will help you to prepare how to combat them or avoid them before they impact you.

· Reality vs. Negative Self Talk

Often when hit with challenges we let our inner thoughts slip into the negative. This inner critic can really have us spiral into a seriously negative state. Most of us are harder on ourselves than anyone else and we beat ourselves up when we make a mistake or experience a failure.

It is important when these thoughts are flying around to pull them from your head and write them down. This allows you look at them and dispel them because in most cases they are untrue or something you can actively work to improve seeing them written out takes their power away. Positive self-image is one of your most powerful tools.

· Live in Gratitude

No matter what stage you are in life, challenges you are facing, financial situation or limitations, it is temporary. The one constant in life is change. If you practice being grateful for even the smallest things, from waking up, being able to do a work out, having food or even one good friend. These things are to be used as your anchors to the greater universal energy. Being in connection with that energy keeps you tuned into your inner consciousness.

· Be Of Service

After a negative episode we sometimes want to withdraw and isolate ourselves. Our self-worth plummets and we doubt our abilities and just want isolate ourselves. If it is one day to re-charge, cool, over that you are falling into the pit.

meal or use one of your other skills for someone. Visit a seniors home, just do something for a person in need. You will find acting for the benefit of another will energize you.

· Social Media is a tool, not Reality

When you are experiencing a crisis seeing someone on social media “living their best life” can push you down further. In most cases social media is presentation not based in true reality. Recognize pages that inspire you over the ones that have you doubting your worth or #achievements. The garbage in garbage out mentality. Comparing ourselves to people we usually know absolutely nothing about, except for what is presented, is not a healthy way of living. Being mindful of who you follow and what they do to you on a subliminal level is crucial to what you are feeding your subconscious.

· Document Your Wins

Our failures or losses are always easier to focus on mainly because external sources are plenty to remind us.It is crucial we write down our wins big or small. Actually getting a work out in, resisting the sugary snack, finishing a project, making someone’s day. Documenting the wins causes a reinforcing pattern that builds as we go after the bigger challenges. They give us incremental confidence boosts.

Our confidence is critically tied to how we show up in the world and it is on us to do whatever it takes keep ourselves strong. This is YOUR life and you have to take control of living it the best way possible. YOU are #WORTH it.

By: Kassius Denizen

#lifestyle #loveyourlife #depression

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