One-on-one Personal Coaching 

Being an Image Consultant and Lifestyle Specialist in Canada's largest
metropolis, I've come across just about every scenario you can throw at
me. Whether you are a recently divorced gentleman looking to reboot
your life or a Senior consultant needing to reignite your passion, a junior

executive looking to get that promotion, I am able to handle each case

with sensitivity and discretion. Together, we can pinpoint your needs and

create a strategic plan to surpass your goals.​

During the consultation, I help you assess who you are and
whom you want to become then we chart specific steps to help you
reach that goal. It is not a one size fits all system,

we customize how you adjust based on your personality. My experience

and coaching techniques will help you identify the blocks in your path

and overcome them with proven techniques and measurable benchmarks so your progress can be tracked and adjusted if necessary.


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