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Mr Kaizen Groom's Experience

The Groom's experience was created to elevate the 'Bachelor Party' from just a wild night out that the in-laws and bride to be would frown upon to one even your new father in-law could attend, if you choose.

I designed this event to create a safe, fun bonding experience for the Groom and his guys.  It consists of being measured for their new tuxedos/suits while learning more about style and wedding day etiquette to ensure the groom enjoys his special day without any hiccups.

The fabrics, designs and unique linings are all selected with the guidance of my skilled hands. 

This interactive experience is complimented with a scotch tasting and on site cigar curator along with a chef that will teach the guys how to make special dish for their special someone. 

We capture the entire event with a professional video and photographs so you'll have the memories for years to come.


THIS EVENT IS SUSPENDED AND WILL RETURN AS SOON AS COVID LOCKDOWN AND RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED. nir Light is a clean and stylish font favored by designers. It's easy on the eyes and a great go to font for titles, paragraphs & more.

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