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The Modern Gentleman Etiquette Seminar

We invite you to a weekly series spanning four weeks, designed to help you elevate your style of life.

  • Have you felt like your style needs an upgrade?

  • That you're not having success dating?

  • That you're uncomfortable in social settings?

  • Looking to maximize the impact of your presence both personally and professionally?

  • Ladies, is there a man in your life you think could use an upgrade? Gift him this seminar!


LOCATION – Mr. Kaizen Space – 87 Cumberland St, Toronto, On M5N 3R7

DATES – Series on hold due to Covid Restictions and Lockdowns

Returning Soon!!


HOSTS - Kassius Denizen aka Mr. Kaizen featuring two expert guest hosts from dating, grooming, presentation and etiquette.



1. How to Enter and Work a Room like a Boss –  covering several aspects including posture, how to introduce yourself
and personal elevator pitch and more.

2. A Guy(de) to Guest etiquette – Breakdown of the meaning of business casual, formal and black tie when to RSVP, proper table etiquette etc.

3. How to win at dating - covering topics like coffee or drinks for meet and greet.        

– What should my social media presence be?

– How to avoid being ghosted or being the ghost?

– Navigating the “Me Too" world (What has changed, what to expect and what you need to change and / or
   be aware of).

4. General Style and Grooming Tips for The Modern Gentleman –  above standard grooming tips, how to maintain your  wardrobe, what should be in your closet.


Each participant will be measured and gifted one custom shirt from Mr. Kaizen plus other special giveaways.


This series will inspire change and growth as well allow direct interaction with like minded men.


"Elevate Your Style Of Life"

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