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Gain the confidence you need to own any situation introduced to you.


What does Kaizen mean? It i a Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal improvement.Kassius Denizen is a business professional, certified life coach & Image Consultant. He has been dedicated to the philosophy that controlling the internal influences external perception.

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Feel like you have lost your swag or like you don't even know what your swag is? You are not alone many of us have felt that way and recent times have not made it any easier, but it doesn't have to be that way. Through my years of experience, I have helped many guys get out of their way and fully realized the man they want to be versus the man they had to pretend to be.

The Mr. Kaizen system helps you identify who you want to be and charts the path to get there by focusing on 3 key areas mindset, behaviour and image.



Working with Kassius was definitely one of the most pivotal decisions I made in 2019. Having him as my coach motivated me to deal with my problems head on, and go from neutral to first gear with other issues I was facing. In short, Kassius became my third eye recognizing both good and bad things that I could not see myself. His advice and coaching tips definitely gave me the courage and confidence I needed to make difficult decisions and own them. My biggest take away from working with him was when he said, "never take on more guilt than what you are accountable for." So if you're looking for a breath of fresh air, or a newfound perspective of what you and your life could be, Kas is your guy.

Corey Kareem

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